Giardia are actually protozoans (single celled organisms) and are commonly found in the intestines of many animals, including dogs. This microscopic parasite clings to the surface of the intestine, or floats free in the mucous lining the intestine. A few percent of dogs and cats will carry Giardia organisms and not show any signs of disease. Actual diarrhea, bloody or mucousy stool often accompanied by gas production is seen most often in affected puppies and kittens. Giardia can have a significant impact on the health status of malnourished and stressed pups and kittens. Dogs that are stressed due to multiple reason, such as new owners, travel, weather changes, unsanitary conditions, or strong physical activity may have a previously low grade giardia infestation flare up into a significant disease.

Giardia is transmitted from one dog to another through the ingestion of cysts in contaminated feed or drinking water. Cysts may also be found in streams or other water sources. So care should always be taken when dealing with any waste from your puppy. 

We diligently work to prevent this from occurring. We ask that when you take your puppy for a well-check to have their stool looked at, so that incase the puppy does develop this from all the stress he/she is under when going to a new home, you may easily catch and treat this before it becomes a problem. We do not guarantee against this but feel if the puppy is checked out when purchased this should not become a major problem.
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